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WSE Technologies
303 - 47Str. E
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada S7K 5H2
Phone: 1-306-244-8808
Fax: 1-306-244-9970
Email: [email protected]

WSE: A pioneer in alternative energies in Canada

WSE Technologies is your choice for renewable energy solutions and consluting on energy conservation and private energy production.

We care about the products and services we provide

  • Solar Products that are competitively priced anddesigned to meet your needs
  • Friendly & Free Technical support is available for our products
  • We only sell solar products that make sense to us
  • We are Canadian
  • No-hassle, one-year guarantee. If you are not happy, bring it back, we insist
  • We constantly develop solar technology that makes sense for your dollar

To be passionate is the key

We love technology. It’s our duty and passion to seek out and promote economically viable solutions to the challenges of energy production and conservation.

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